God’s Gift – 14 Days : Episode 14 Recap & Eng Sub

God's Gift Ep 14 SS 1So, here’s a recap of the latest episode of God’s Gift – 14 Days. The episode opens with the scene from the previous, with Soohyun (Lee Bo Young) grabbing the president’s granddaughter and threatening to stab her with a knife if the president refuses to hand her daughter over.

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God's Gift Ep 14 SS 2
As of now, I’m still slightly confused about the role of the president in all of this. Yes, it was a move that caused him to have access to the immediate implementation of the death penalty, but was it a mere plot just to make it easier for him to justify his decision? Killing a small girl to help him make the public understand his decision is, to be frank, fairly silly.

But in the end, someone tackles her aside, and Woo Jin does his thing where he keeps everything a secret again, switching off the lights at this precise moment. At this time, Soohyun is able to make a quick escape to Dong Chan’s car – he manages to find her via a tracking devise he put on her shoe.

This is when she reveals that rather than as it seemed – that she plainly took out a knife and wanted to stab the president’s granddaughter, it was quite simply a banana – she would refuse to be as the bad as the people taking the daughter. Just absolutely love her character (and Lee Bo Young <3)

Whilst the president tries to keep the situation on a hush basis, a video spreads by means of social media of Soohyun threatening to kill his granddaughter, causing the president much worry in the process. But I guess he deserved it by wanting to go through with it in the process. To be perfectly honest, he must have preferred the first version of this story, whereby Soohyun simply accepted it as it is – and of course committed suicide as a result.

In an unexpected twist, it is in fact Lee Soon Nyeo which took Saet Byul. The reason? Because she wants Han Ji Hoon to give the evidence that Ki Dong Ho is in fact not the murderer involved in the series of Mujin murders. Note: he puts this under the care of  a couple of thugs. So she calls him, but he keeps asking for time – at this time Saet Byul gets sick.

This puts her back in the care of Han Ji Hoon, who eventually assures Soo Hyun, and gets her to calm down. But as always, there’s a twist. She gets kidnapped officially at this point. The kidnappers want the evidence, and they want it destroyed by themselves. Problem is: first to the evidence that Dong Ho didn’t do it: Ki Dong Chan.

Dong Chan wants to give in the evidence to the police to reveal his brother’s innocence – which he feels bad for – given he has all this time accused him as being the killer of his girlfriend at that time – Soo-jung. He meets with Soo Hyun, and the result: end of episode. But seriously, they’re killing me with all these endings. Can’t wait for the last two episodes!

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